Purchasing Time Clock Software? 2 Questions You Should Ask Before Deciding

So, you’ve decided it’s time to invest in time clock software to help you track your employees’ hours and generate payroll. Your hope is that such an investment will not only keep your employees honest, but save you time and administrative costs.

You get online and start searching. Before long, you’re overwhelmed by the number of time clock options. You see programs with varying features that range in price from under a hundred to thousands of dollars. With so many choices, you begin to wonder what your business needs from a time clock software and how to get those features without breaking the bank.

Every business has different needs when it comes to time clock software. For that reason, you should choose software that is flexible and has a broad range of customizable features. But basing your search on features alone won’t narrow the field. When choosing time clock software, always ask two questions: First, how long have the software providers been in business? And second, can I contact them over the phone?The answers to these two questions are important to the ongoing reliability of your software. Just as easily as you may have found a program online, its site could be pulled from the web and along with it, any available technical support. Believe it or not, behind many fancy websites, there is a single person running the entire show. It’s important to consider whether a one-man operation could be reached to provide technical support on the eve of payroll or just before running quarterly reports. More importantly, one should consider whether the software developer has stood by its product and will be around to resolve any issues that may arise.

When you begin your search start with these two criteria and it will narrow down your results significantly. Look for a software company that provides not only a good product but industry leading phone, email and live chat support. Business owners that have based their purchases solely on price have shared their frustrations and experiences with us. One such customer told us of how the software they were using could no longer be accessed and they had lost everything. All of their employees’ hours and history gone in one day. Support was nowhere to be found, no contact email or phone number to get help with their software. Could you afford that? When you are deciding on any software make sure you demand quality products and support.

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