Choosing an Online Video Game Rental Service

With game consoles in the $300-600 dollar range and the average video game costing about $60 bucks, it is easy to understand why everyone has turned their backs on buying games and are now instead renting them online. There are nothing but benefits when renting video games online; you get to keep the games for as long as you want, you pay a small monthly fee, you have the latest and greatest games available at the click of the button, and for the cost of one game you can have an entire year subscription to the leading video game rental services! However, not everything is all cake and ice cream. Not every single video game rental service is for everyone. We have services that can let you rent out only one game a month, good for the leisure gamer and we have a few who let people rent three games out a month for the extreme gamer. In this article I will go over what to look for in a video game rental service so you can find the service best for your dollar!

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a video game rental club is to see if they offer games for your console. Not all companies support all consoles. So if you have a PS3 don’t go sign up for an online video game rental club that offers Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii games exclusively. This is especially important if you have a handheld device (Nintendo DS, PSP, Nintendo Advanced, ETC.) because only a chosen few support and have games for these consoles for you to rent.

The second thing you need to look for is plans. Most video game rental companies have plans ranging from one video game out at a time to three video games out at a time (although there are a few who have four that are allowed out at a time). So if you are a casual gamer, as in you play whenever you have free time and want to relax then you should probably go with a cheaper deal and only get a plan that allows one game out a month. If you are more of an avid gamer then a better service for you would be two to three video games allowed out a time (which of course will cost a bit more).

The third and final thing you need to look for is to see if they offer a free trial. Before you make any commitments to any online video game rental company you need to make sure their service is for you. Sign up for a free trial, place a few games for them to send and see how you like it. This is important for a few reasons. If you sign up for a trial for a company based in Pennsylvania and you are in California it might take a few days more to get to you compared to one that is located closer to home, but then again it might be cheaper. I recommend trying out at least three rental services before making a commitment to any single one.

That’s it! Easy as that! If you follow those guidelines when picking out a game rental service, then you will be on your way to gaming in NO time!

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