Motorola Milestone on T-Mobile

The second Android offering from Motorola has now been launched on its second network, the Motorola Milestone was initially released on the Orange network and offered as a SIM Free and unlocked phone but now T-Mobile has managed to secure the Milestone for UK sales.

This new launch means that there are now more than double the number of pay monthly contract tariffs available for this new Motorola Android phone, this includes deals for the Milestone free on some tariffs including the T-Mobile Combi 25 tariff which for £25 line rental per month allocates 700 minutes of calls to any network at any time (including landline calls) and unlimited inclusive text messaging every month.

Considering the Motorola Milestone is well geared for internet surfing, emailing and downloading it would be wise to opt for a tariff that includes this, the T-Mobile Combi 25 + Web n Walk package offers just that for just £5 extra per month it allows for unlimited internet access making full use of the Milestone’s web facilities.

An Android 2.0 phone, the Motorola Milestone is the first to feature this upgraded opertaing system. It makes for smooth running of applications as well as menu navigation and software support, preloaded is Google Maps for turn by turn navigation and there’s a whole host of other Google apps. available for download from the Android market.

The Milestone features a 5.0 mega pixel camera with auto focus and a dual LED flash for low light photography, the main selling point of this latest Android phone though has to be the integration of a slide out Qwerty keyboard in such a slim frame, this makes for easy and quick text input when emailing, web browsing and texting.

The main competition to the Milestone currently resides with the recently released Google Nexus One which runs the next version of the Android OS, if price is important and you are on a tighter budget there are cheaper Android phones available in the form of the new LG GW620 which also offers a physical Qwerty keyboard whilst if this is not important then the Samsung Galaxy Spica, Acer Liquid or HTC Hero may suit.

There will also be further competition coming soon from the new Sony Ericsson X10 although the release date for this first Sony Ericsson handset has been postponed twice already and may not make it to market until early Q2 2010. The Motorola Milestone will suit anyone who enjoys the latesT-Mobile technology, a solid feeling phone and handy Qwerty keypad – this is a powerful handset but compact in size that will suit most pockets.

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